Introduction To Permaculture Course August 2018

Permacultura Colombia

Thanks for your interest in Páramo Permacultura Colombia! We invite you to join us for our next Introduction to Permaculture course, in Paipa, Boyacá (Colombia), on the 4th and 5th of August.

The objectives and topics of the course are:

  • To define permaculture and understand its ethics and principles

  • To understand the elements of design and find connections to create resistant and resilient systems

  • To know the process of design

  • To define and diagram zones

  • To make a small practical personal design

  • To motivate you to take action that will improve our world and the environment

Place and dates: The course will be at our Farm in Paipa, starting on Saturday 4th of August at 9h, finishing on August 5th at 14h (feel free to arrive on Friday!)

Lodging: There are camping places available at the farm; you should bring all necessary equipment (tent, sleeping pad and bag). In case you want more comfort, there are many lodging possibilities in Paipa.

Facilities: There is a solar camping shower, dry toilet and solar energy (limited). We do not have piped water supply/running water

Food: It will be prepared between all participants. The food will be vegetarian.

What should you bring: we recommend long sleeve shirt, hat and working gloves (it is very sunny and there are some mosquitoes). Bring other personal items you might need (e.g. medicines, food, snacks, etc). Please make sure you have medical insurance, we are not responsible for accidents/injuries/sickness. If you spend the night at the farm, please bring a torch.

Language: The course will be in Spanish, however, we speak English, German and French in case some clarifications are needed.

Cost: 150k Colombian pesos for two day course (please contact us for payment details)

Limited to 10 people. We appreciate you confirm your participation as soon as possible!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We hope to meet you soon.

Angela & Gregory

Páramo Permacultura Colombia
Gregory Amos

Tel. (+57) 305 709 04 30

Angela Paredes

Tel. (+57) 305 709 04 29

July 03, 2018
Introduction to Permaculture Course - August 2018

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