Volunteer Opportunity For Permaculture In Colombia, South America

Permacultura Colombia

Thank you for your interest in Páramo Permacultura Colombia. If you are interested in permaculture and willing to learn practical stuff, you are welcome to work with us as volunteers in Paipa, Boyacá. We offer stays between one day and 2 weeks. If you would like to come, please read the information below.

  1. We are performing several activities at the moment. Additionally, we can have informal discussions about permaculture according to your interest and the activities we are developing, such as:
    • Natural building: Timber framing, green roofs, cob, natural plasters
    • Gardens: compost, nursery, planting, design
    • Living fences
  2. Lodging and Facilities: we have one room available (it does not have a bed, please bring sleeping bag and mat). There is also availability for camping (please bring your own camping gear). Additionally, there are many lodging options in the nearby city of Paipa (2km from the farm).
    • Food: we ask for 5000 pesos (<2 USD) per day per person for food (vegetarian). We cook between all people in the farm.
    • Wood and gas stove. Wood oven
    • Dry toilet
    • Shower, water: We do not have tap water. We have a portable shower. Additionally, we have a reservoir from which we take our water. We bring potable water for consumption. There are hot springs in town.
    • We do not have electricity
  3. What you should bring: we recommend long sleeve shirt, hat and working gloves (it is very sunny and there are some mosquitoes). Bring other personal items you might need (e.g. medicines, food, snacks, etc). Please make sure you have medical insurance, we are not responsible for accidents/injuries/sickness. If you spend the night in the farm, please bring a torch.
  4. Daily schedule (we keep the schedule)
    • Morning: Breakfast (7 to 8 am). Field work (8 to 11:30)
    • Lunch: 11:30 to 2 pm
    • Afternoon: field work (2 to 5:30 pm)
    • Dinner and free time

Please contact us at least one week before your visit (phone, email). We will be happy to answer any question. We speak English, Spanish, French and German.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Angela and Gregory

Páramo Permacultura Colombia
Gregory Amos

Tel. (+57) 305 709 04 30

Angela Paredes

Tel. (+57) 305 709 04 29



February 06, 2017
Volunteer Opportunity for Permaculture in Colombia, South America

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